Poetry for Children



“Little Kitty,” Highlights Hello, February 2018

“Fitz,” Highlights Hello, December 2017

“City Day,” Highlights Hello, November 2017  (Highlights Hello Story of the Year)

“Farmers' Market,” Highlights High Five, July 2017

“Baby Band,”  Highlights Hello, May 2017

“Snowcone Sky,” Ladybug, July-August 2016

FORTHCOMING POEMS & STORIES in children's magazines


“Car Wash Day,” Babybug    

“Itsy Bitsy Paw Prints,” Highlights High Five  

“Pancake Surprise,” Highlights High Five

“Playtime,” Highlights High Five  

“My Itsy Bitsy Baby,” Highlights Hello  

“Racing Day,” Highlights Hello

“Biking Day,”  Highlights High Five  

“My Muddy Little Pug,” Highlights High Five, March 2019

“Tummy Time,”  Highlights Hello